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Nuclearwasteman Moodmat by Aaram Kuhmali

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This moodmat is 12" and diecut to the image.

It features the art of Aaram Kamali @Kuhmali on IG and The Art of Kuhmali facebook group.


Limited Edition of 200

These are all signed by the artist and numbered!


Moodmats are Earth's original neoprene upcycling company. We take everything from wetsuits, gaskets, weather stripping, wheelchair seat molds, stock car tires, and plenty more "clean" donations to make up what we call "LAVA RUBBER". As we cut our shapes, we reprocess over two tons of material every month. Keeping this material out of landfills has been our priority since sesh one. In turn, Mother Nature cosmically hooks us up with conscious customers like yourself. All scrap donations are privately collected. All moodmats are recycled and finished in NJ, U.S.A. We bring to you the highest quality Earth friendly mats on the planet. They are used to protect your glass when sitting it down on the table or anywhere really! They can be used for a ton of other things as well, drink coasters pretty much anything coaster related ;-)